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Health & Safety Plan

The Health, Safety and Work Environment of all Employees and Contractors ,Personnel employed by the Contrast International llc is a major concern for the Management .The Management is also concerned with the prevention of property damage ,fire and security as well as production losses. The Management  is firmly committed to taking effective action & Adherence to Federal Laws, Ministerial Decrees and the Company Policy. Managers ,Executives ,Foreman and Supervisors are responsible for the safety of their sub-ordinates and are required to treat occupational health, safety and loss control as a subject of major importance .They shall ensure that all steps are taken to prevent accidents and maintain healthy & safe places to work. The Management firmly believes that safety comes first.


Health and Safety Policy Statement

Following are the key management objectives & responsibilities  for the Division:

  •  Prevention of all injuries and occupational diseases.

  • Health and safety is a line management responsibility.

  • Health and Safety are of equal importance as other business objectives.

  • Creation of a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Establishment of safe and healthy working practices.

  • Ensuring effective health and safety communication.

  • Creating interest and enthusiasm in health and safety.

  • Developing personal responsibility for health and safety.


We Believe That Every Job Can Be Done Safety And That Safety Is Everyones  Responsibility.